Whether your school is looking for a completely supported, virtual school solutions for music, a supplement to your in-school program or a way to extend your music staff through the help of our trained teachers, we will work with you to design the right solution. 

Administrators and Teachers
You know how important providing instruction in the creative arts is for developing students. Budget crunches, complex student schedules and limited resources continue to make music class inclusion difficult. In addition, students are increasingly busy after school, during weekends and summer vacations. By providing your students with access to our curriculum, students stay active year-round, at school and at home.

Here are just a few ways our program can be used.

  • Create a beginner instrumental lesson program
  • Rebuild a beginner program that has struggled
  • Use our General Music courses to meet music class requirements
  • Build a summer program or camp using our curriculum
  • Provide additional 21st Century learning opportunities for students
  • Supplement an existing instrumental music program
  • Provide "at home" resources for support and motivation
  • Provide private instrumental lessons for beginners
  • Recruit new students through engaging online learning
  • and more...


For additional information and to setup a session to discuss your needs. info@music-within-me.com or call 570.437.8826

School Integration
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Professional Networking
We invite all professionals to join our network. Through the Music Within MeBlog, we provide professional information and opportunities to share innovative music education initiatives.  Visit our Media Feed page for links to our networked communities, podcasts and more.