The Music Within Me program includes courses in beginning instrumental music as well as our general music courses. Our courses are perfect for young beginners from 4th - 9th grade while our general music courses are designed for early junior high through early high school students.

Instrumental Program
Our beginning Instrumental music allows students to learn they way THEY want to learn.  Our 100% online program ensures students have access to musical information and content whenever they need it, no more waiting for weekly lessons to get answers to questions.  Our trained team of teachers provide support for students through our message system and scheduled online lessons using webcams. Throughout the courses, students follow a planned practice routine, submitting over 30+ recorded musical exercises to their teacher for feedback.  Practices quizzes and exams are BUILT in as well. That's right, we want to make sure students have plenty of opportunities to practice, test and demonstrate their skills. 

General Music Program
Our general music curriculum ties the study of the fundamental musical elements to innovative music software. We want to ensure students leave music class LOVING music. This course is targeted to the general music students as well as students more heavily involved in musical activities such as Band and Chorus.  Students will learn how the fundamentals of music including Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, Form, Timbre among others are used to compose music and create whole compositions. Students will apply their understanding of the musical elements using one of the two most widely used music sequencing applications including GarageBand (r) and MixCraft (tm) to create original compositions. Throughout the course, students will listen to historically significant compositions and learn how the elements have been used to create our musical heritage while at the same time learning how they can influence the future of music as consumers, or maybe even composers themselves.

GarageBand (r), an application program, is a registered trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

MixCraft (TM), an application program, is a trademark of Acoustica (tm) Inc.
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